Friday, April 1, 2011

J Crew Fall 2011

JCrew Fall 2011 came out this week and it is looking pretty hit or miss in my opinion. On the one hand I totally love some of these pieces and on the other I think I might vomit! Here are my favs:

I'm way into the high waisted pants (even the semi old lady Asian embroidered ones) and the coats look fantastic! I think the use of color in these looks is really refreshing for fall. The vintage inspired bags are looking pretty awesome, too! I hope I can get my hands on them come the fall.

So then what happened here?

Are these supposed to boyfriend pants? I'm sorry, but even your boyfriend should not be wearing these hideous cargos. Yuck!

And what is this? A Skittles commercial? Who thought it would be a good idea to dress these models monochromatically? These clothes don't even fit. I feel like I am on an episode of What Not To Wear. Even the accessories are ugly. What's the deal with those hideous gloves and the hippy necklace and the stupid over sized glasses?

And this is possibly the most offensive. I'm not even sure what analogy to use to describe how bad she looks. Is she wrapped in a fruit roll up? What is with those shoes? Blah! 

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